Passing Camps Hit Monroe High

The countdown is ticking away. Seven weeks remain before the GHSA's first official high school football practice in pads.

They can start popping away on Aug 1. Until then, all football fans will have to settle for seven on seven passing camps.

In Albany, Monroe High held the first passing tournament of many passing tournaments between the local city schools and Terrell County.

This passing camp is but one of many quarterback auditions for the local schools. Aside from Monroe, all teams are looking for a new starter under center this season.

Albany High is looking to replace Emanuel Byrd with two quarterbacks for the time being.

"With us losing a four-year starter in Emmanuel Byrd, this gives us an opportunity to find out which one of these young guys is ready to step up and who's not ready. It's a great opportunity to do some hands-on experience," Albany head coach Felton Williams said.

The Joyner brothers, Corey and Uyl, have been charged with getting Dougherty High football back to its former success.

Uyl left the offensive coordinator post at Albany State this spring, and is now working at the same position for the Trojans. His brother, the second-year Trojans head coach, Corey Joyner couldn't have ask for a better hire.

We just bounce things off one another. It's always a pleasure to coach with him. With the heated moments, that's what we're waiting on. We're going to see how we do in the heated moments," Corey Joyner said jokingly.

"We welcome the knowledge. Even if he wasn't my brother, a lot of people are looking at that, I would hire him because of the experience he has as an offensive coordinator."

Mike Whatley played most of the snaps at the Dougherty quarterback position last year. Coach Joyner says he threw for enough yards to earn the starting spot going in to the fall.

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