Darton State baseball wins fourth straight

The Darton State baseball team picked up their fourth straight win in a 9-1 victory over Wallace Dothan. (Matthew Doyle/WFXL)

The Darton State baseball team won their fourth straight game, as they defeated Wallace Dothan at home, 9-1, on Saturday.

The Cavs scored five runs in the third inning to help boost them to the victory, and had it not been for a throwing error, they could have posted a shutout.

"If we can clean up that inning per game, we should have thrown three shutouts this week with our pitching," Darton State head coach Scot Hemmings said. "So pitching was great. Defense was great. But every now and then we had a little bit of a letdown, but that's early and (we need to) learn how to play all nine innings."

Jeremy Beasley picked up the victory for Darton State after going four innings, striking out five and allowing two hits. Tyler Morris had a big day at the play with a double and home run, while Kendall Herron went 2-for-3 with a double.

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