Train derails in Bryomville, almost comes into man's backyard

    This is from the scene of the train that derailed on top of the overpass. Tiffany Thompson/ WGXA News<p>{/p}

    BYROMVILLE, Ga.-- Crews are still working to clear train cars off a bridge after a derailment at around 7:00 a.m. on Saturday, according to law enforcement.

    This train was carrying tanks of propane, according to Captain David Jones with the Dooley County Sheriff's Office; but a leak was not detected.

    According to a statement from the train company, there were 72 loaded cars and 69 empty cars.

    Cleanup is expected to take all night.

    81-years-old John Averill lives alongside the railroad in Byromville.

    "I heard a noise. A terrific noise, and then I noticed the train had stopped. The cars were not moving, and I told my wife that something's wrong with the train," Averill said.

    He said the cars crashed a mere 500 feet from his backyard.

    "But it was repetitive, one time after the other, and all the sudden it was quiet," he said.

    Donald Hudson Senior said he came by the tracks after hearing about the damage to survey the route he drives through everyday.

    He said Saturday wasn't going to be an exception.

    "Yes I would have went down. I was headed to Cordele," Hudson said.

    That is, until he saw the result of the crash.

    Averill said even though his town will now take a while to rebuild--there is one silver lining.

    "We are just fortunate that nobody was in the vicinity of the overpass at the time," he said.

    The train company CSX released a statement also saying no one was injured.

    They say highway 90 will be closed as CSX, along with local first responders work to access the situation and clear the damage.

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