New water tower for Dublin VA prepares campus for emergencies

    Water tower is currently underway/Perry Smith (WGXA)

    DUBLIN, Ga. -- Experts with The Carl Vinson VA Medical Center in Dublin said they're making sure they're prepared in the event of an emergency.

    This thanks to a new water tower currently under construction. Chief of Engineering Services Fred Williams said our veterans are our heroes, and should be treated as such.

    He said thanks to a new water tower the Center is building, they will be prepared should an emergency strike.

    "This water tower is going to be replacing our existing tower," Williams said. "Which is the existing water tower is 250,000 gallons and this water tower will definitely double that amount."

    He said the reason for the new tower is simple.

    "To allow us to provide greater response in the case of emergency services," he said. "If we were to have a water shut off within the City of Dublin we'd be able to continue our services for veteran patients the way they need to be served."

    To be exact, Williams said the hospital water system will be able to operate 96 hours solely of the tower, but he says this won't be the only benefit.

    "It will also provide the proper amount of water pressure so that you can operate your faucets, your showers and other plumbing fixtures, which are really necessary in order for us to live our lives uninterrupted," he said.

    The engineering department said the water tower is expected to be finished and ready for operation by the beginning of August.

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