Tennessee mom makes plea for return of daughter's stolen car and 'Mr. Bunny'

Tennessee mom makes plea for return of daughter's stolen car and 'Mr. Bunny.' PHOTO courtesy Carolyn Lamberth.

NASHVILLE, Tenn.--We all have that one thing that we consider priceless. For one Middle Tennessee 22-year-old, that thing is known as "Mr. Bunny," and he is missing.

Mount Juliet native Carolyn Lamberth says she knows it might sound ridiculous to some people, but she has taken to social media issuing a plea for help in finding her daughter Shelby's prized stuffed animal.

Lamberth says Mr. Bunny has been her daughter's security blanket since she was a child, helping her through some rough times as a teen and difficulties as a young adult. "He's been on numerous overnight stays with family and friends, road trips, family vacations, has been through childhood lice treatments, tears from broken hearts, drool from heavy sleeping, and sweat from broken fevers," Lamberth says.

Mr. Bunny was in the back seat of Shelby's car last week when Shelby returned from a trip to Chattanooga last Friday.

Tired from the drive, Shelby says she parked her new metallic silver 2016 Nissan Sentra in the lot of her Hickory Terrace Apartments residence located in Antioch. She and her roommate didn't unload everything, leaving some props used in her photography business in the car along with Mr. Bunny, who was situated in the back seat.

The next morning, Mr. Bunny and Shelby's car were gone. So was her roommate's car. Lamberth says the roommate had left the keys to her car in Shelby's, so once the thieves gained entry, it wasn't hard to find and steal the roommate's car too.

Lamberth says they filed a police report and it didn't take long to find the roommate's car, which was recovered nearby. Lamberth also found some items which were thrown out the window of her daughter's car, discarded on the street. However, those items did not include Mr. Bunny.

In a Facebook post, Lamberth emphasizes she knows how "silly" it sounds, but admits "we do many crazy things for our kids. If there's a chance Facebook can help us find him then I'm willing to look ridiculous to do it."

Lamberth says she's been out every day trying to find Mr. Bunny and hopes he will be found when police find the stolen car. Even with the items of value that were taken, Lamberth says all her daughter really wants returned is the friend that's accompanied her since she was a child.

Lamberth says despite the understanding she might look ridiculous, she has actually been surprised by the overwhelming response to her post. Parents and even adults in their 60s have reached out to share how they too still have a favorite stuffed animal or toy from their childhood they consider priceless.

Others have joined in the search for Mr. Bunny and the hope is if it isn't found in the stolen car that someone will see it on the road and return it to the family.

Anyone with information on the car or the bunny can message Carolyn Lamberth on Facebook. Lamberth says the Sentra's tag number is 1D69L4.

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