Myrtle Beach 12-year-old becomes World Disc Golf Champion with her daddy as her caddie

Myrtle Beach Girl world Disc Golf Champion with her daddy as caddie (WPDE)

Hope Brown spends her weekends with her dad, Chris, competing at Professional Disc Golf Association (PDGA) Amateur World Championships.

Hope just won the Junior III Girls competition in Quad Cities, Iowa with her dad, who she affectionately calls her "Daddy Caddie," by her side.

"We build our relationship as he's my dad and I'm the daughter. We build it to a different level out on the disc golf course," said Hope.

Dad said he started taking his daughter out on the course when she was just a baby.

"When we first started, I was dragging her around in a Radio Flyer wagon with a bunch of snacks and sippie cups and little minis," Chris said.

As Hope got older, she started to get out of the cart and throw some discs herself.

She said her first competition was when she was 9. She came in last place but said she fell in love with the game and looked forward to taking on her dad.

"Recently, I've been closing the gap a little bit and we've been getting pretty close," said Hope.

The wins started piling up, and her dad said he could see her growing into her own as an athlete.

"It's difficult as she gets older because she's getting a little more opinionated and she's come into her own in her game," said Chris.

Hope joked that during the week long tournament in Iowa she almost fired her dad.

"He had been my caddie all week long--not really, but he almost left me because I have a bit of a strong head,"

When Chris watched his daughter sink the final shot to win the tournament, he says he was bursting with pride.

"Probably squeezed her a little too hard, and just told her how proud I was of her," said Chris. "When you accomplish something yourself, I don't think it hits home as much as when you're watching someone you've taught."

For Hope, the win was just the icing on the cake after spending some quality daughter-daddy time.

"I turn around and I'm smiling and I'm looking at my dad and he's crying, and I'm like, 'Dad this is happy, don't cry!'"

Hope and Chris are looking forward to competitions in Charlotte, and West Virginia, where Christ grew up.

They play about 10 to 15 tournaments each year. To learn more about disc golf, click here.

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