World's largest bee species photographed again after vanishing for decades

    (Clay Bolt)

    LYNCHBURG, Va. (WSET) -- A species of bee thought to be lost was found again on a small island in Indonesia.

    Wallace's Giant Bee or Megachile pluto - is much larger than European honeybees with females coming in at almost 2 inches , with tongue that reaches at least an inch.

    If that wasn't large enough, the species also has a gigantic mandible around their mouth.

    Natural history photographer Clay Bolt found and photographed the enormous bee living in a termites nest on the side of a tree - which is their preferred habitat.

    The breakthrough find came in the final days of a five-day trip to Indonesia as part of a conservation effort for lost species.

    The bee was last seen in the 1980's, where it was presumed to be extinct.

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