Editorial Board: 'Stand for decency, reject Roy Moore,' endorses Doug Jones

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Thousands woke up to a headline many aren't used to seeing on the front of a Sunday newspaper across Alabama.

For Mobilians who picked up a Press Register Sunday morning, the headline "Our View: Stand for decency, reject Roy Moore" was on the front page of the paper.

The Editorial Board penned a message to readers and also endorsed democrat Doug Jones.

"This election is a turning point for women in Alabama. A chance to make their voices heard in a state that has silenced them for too long," the editorial begins. "The accusations against Roy Moore have been horrifying, but not shocking."

The editorial goes on to say that the news organization has independently investigated the stories of several Alabama woman who have spoken to them and the Washington Post about "the abuse they say they suffered at the hands of Roy Moore decades ago."

The editorial states that the allegations are not the first issues that is "enough to disqualify" Moore as a candidate.

"...Utter disregard for people unlike himself, his pathological fixation on sex, and the steps he's taken to actively diminish other people's freedoms, is more than enough to have disqualified him from this office long before these women stepped into the public eye." writes.

The editorial board says that they endorse Doug Jones, saying that he is a "moderate Democrat and a strong candidate for all Alabamians." They site his work with the case to bring justice to those involved with the bombing of Birmingham's 16th Baptist Church that killed four little girls in 1963. The editorial says that Jones understands working-class families and has built a platform around issues that will "define Alabama."

"There is only one candidate left in this race who has proven worthy of the task of representing Alabama. He is Doug Jones," it states. "The voters must make their voices heard."

You can read the full editorial HERE.

The deadline to register to vote is November 27.

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