Worth commissioners uphold termination decision

Photo Credit: Courtney Highfield

The Worth County Board of Commissioners held a special called meeting Thursday morning to discuss their decision to terminate the E-911 director one last time.

The chairman polled the board members to see if they still felt the same about the decision; had their answers changed Kannetha Clem would've been reinstated.

Joe Gaines and Mark Sutton both felt their decision to terminate Clem was right while Billy McDonald and Bettye Bozeman voted against the decision. Chairman Mike Cosby was left with the tiebreaker and he voted to uphold the termination as well.

Kannetha Clem declined to do an interview but offered a statement saying, "We'll get our things together, go to our lawyer, and we'll see them in court."

Also during the meeting the commissioners discussed having several of the dirt roads in the county paved. Cosby told FOX 31 this is something they've wanted to do for years but they're finally trying to get the project to come into fruition. They have one problem though, money. The bids came back on the projects and were around $600,000 which was more than the commission was expecting. Commissioners tabled the issue until the next commission meeting to see what other options they have.

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