Whats next when it comes to getting a pet for Christmas

Companion Animal Hospital in Albany says it is a good idea to find a trusted vet.

Photo: Kailey McCarthy

Some lucky people may have found a gift under their tree this year that includes barking and a wagging tail.

If you got a pet for Christmas this year, you may be wondering what next?

Companion Animal Hospital Veterinarian Carie Wisell says it is a good idea to do your research and find a vet that you trust.

Once you reach out to the vet you plan on using, it is a good idea to get your animal in for an exam.

According to Wisell, some vets will even give complimentary exams to make sure your new pet is healthy.

Wisell also says to make sure your new animal gets the proper vaccines and always spay and neuter.

"Obviously we have a huge issue with over-population, we don't want that. A lot of these shelters try to be no kill shelters, they can't. It's impossible because so many pets are relinquished or they get unwanted puppies or kittens and other things being born, they get diseases so just really consider spay and neutering please," said Wisell.

If you got a pet this Christmas and it wasn't the perfect fit, you may be wondering what to do next.

Wisell says it is best to try to find a good way to re-home the pet if possible.

Companion Animal Hospital is having spay and neuter deals the rest of this month.

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