What does a potential government shutdown mean for Albany?

What does a potential government shutdown mean for Albany? / Photo: Danielle Ledbetter

With the threat of a government shutdown looming, Fox 31 stopped by Commissioner Roger Marietta's government class at Albany State to look at what a government shutdown would mean for the city of Albany.

According to Marietta, the Marine Corps Logistics Base is an economic engine in town and would be impacted by a government shutdown.

Essential personnel would have to report for duty. While non-essential personnel would be told to stay at home.

Marietta said, "In theory they would lose pay. But, in the past government shutdowns they never lost any pay. They restored their pay. We can hope that the shutdown, if there is one, is short."

He also says the Albany bus system is funded in part by federal dollars but he does not foresee it shutting down.

The Commissioner suggested the average person won't be greatly impacted. Marietta says, "I don't think people should be worried and usually it was a minimal interruption of services."

A government shutdown occurs when Congress does not reach an agreement on the federal budget.

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