Ways to curb those Valentine's Day blues

Albany Counselor Andy Martin says loving yourself is key when it comes to holidays like Valentine's Day.

Photo: Kailey McCarthy

Valentine's Day is Wednesday and believe it or not, not everyone is looking forward to the national day of love.

Albany Licensed Counselor Andy Martin says you can still have an enjoyable Valentine's Day, even if you don't have a valentine.

Martin says you first have to practice self love before you bring anyone else into the equation. He says loving one's self takes time and effort.

According to Martin, it's very easy to get swept up in the consumerism of Valentine's Day, which may set unrealistic standards.

Martin says other options to take advantage of on Valentine's Day include spending time with loved ones and enjoying each other's company.

And if you don't have anyone to spend the day with, make a list of what you are grateful for.

"To expect on one day of the year to come up with companionship is not realistic. One day out of the year, we can't have something all of the sudden that we don't have on all of the other days. You need to be cultivating relationships every day," said Martin.

Martin says rather than focusing on Valentine's Day, you should work on cultivating and maintaining meaningful relationships year round.

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