Walk, family festival to benefit Alzheimer's patients, research

The annual Albany Walk to End Alzheimer's will be this Saturday at Modern Gas on Highway 82 West. / Mary Green

Local walkers are getting ready to raise money to find a cure for one of America's deadliest diseases.

The annual Albany Walk to End Alzheimer's will be this Saturday at Modern Gas on Highway 82 West.

Last year's walk in Albany raise more than $70,000, and so far, nearly 200 people have registered for this year's. According to the walk webpage, they have raised close to $80,000 so far for this walk.

The walk will also feature the signature pinwheel flower garden, with different colors signifying walkers' connections to the disease.

The money they raise will go toward finding a cure for Alzheimer's and helping patients in South Georgia.

"Alzheimer's disease is something that a lot of people, even to this day, they don't want to talk about," said Dan Phillips, resource development event director for the Alzheimer's Association Georgia Chapter. "It's a disease, that in the past, people were ashamed of, although we're realizing now, it's no different than having heart disease or having another illness."

The registration for the walk begins at 5 p.m., with the opening ceremony at 5:30 p.m. and the walk itself starting at 6 p.m.

Before that, Modern Gas will host its annual music festival with several bands, a cornhole tournament and rib showdown.

The bands and cornhole tournament kick off at 1 p.m.

If you want to enter your ribs in the competition, you'll have to register at Modern Gas by Friday afternoon.

"Our rib showdown is just for fun," Modern Gas President Mark Holloway said. "It's the guy who lives in the neighborhood and says, 'I've got the best ribs in the neighborhood,' and he has a little grill that he wants to compete on and has a chance to win."

Holloway said the money raised through the cornhole tournament and rib showdown will also benefit the Alzheimer's Association.

You can sign up in advance for the Walk to End Alzheimer's by clicking here.

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