Voter turnout in Dougherty County isn't 'that great'

Voter turnout in Dougherty County isn't 'that great'./ Photo: Alexandria Ikomoni

This Friday is the last day for early voting in the primary election.

There are currently two open precincts in Dougherty County, and both are on Pine Avenue.

The Dougherty County Board of Elections says voter turnout in the past few weeks hasn’t been that great.

They say with major elections that won't only affect people locally but statewide, it's important to get out and vote.

"We think that individuals should get out and cast their ballots for the individuals that best represent their views and values, and make sure these people are elected into office to represent them,” Ginger Nickerson, Supervisor of Elections, said.

The highest average number of votes a day was on Wednesday with 100 votes, and they've seen daily averages as low as 20.

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