Volunteers scour the Flint for 'Rivers Alive'

A volunteer helps collect garbage collected amongst the riverbank. / Allen Carter

Keep Albany Dougherty Beautiful held their annual Rivers Alive Flint River clean-up effort Saturday morning.

"Unfortunately people think if they throw something in the water, you can't see it and it's gone. But it's in the environment and it messes up the ecosystem for our river, "said Keep Albany Dougherty Beautiful executive director Judy Bowles.

Nearly 100 volunteers came out to help pick up litter along the banks of the flint river.

Cameron Johnson is part of the Jack and Jill organization. He braved the early morning cold, part of the 100 community service hours he plans to complete this year.

"If you have a clean environment and the people in the environment clean, it's going to really better the community," said Johnson.

"It's always amazing when people donate their Saturday because most people work and Saturday's are a special day to you and when people donate their Saturday they really care about their environment and about the event," said Bowles.

Volunteers took a two terrain approach to this clean up, because not only are people out there on the ground picking up trash, but there are also some people out here on the river looking for litter.

"We have group of kayakers in canoes that are going to go and pick of trash," said volunteer Kirt Phillips. "We have everything from tires and you'll see a lot of the beaches where people come and fish and they'll just leave their trash behind."

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