Visiting kids experience snow for the 1st time

Logan Redding and his sister Libby experience snow for the first time. / Photo: Danielle Ledbetter

Many areas of Southwest Georgia saw snow on Wednesday.

Tifton saw an inch of snow this morning. Even though the snow has melted, there are other winter threats on the roads.

Black ice may develop tonight as the temperatures drop again.

Other areas saw more snow. Cook County had up to two inches.

In Lenox, Georgia some people went to an empty lot to play in the snow.

Libby Redding and her brother Logan were on a road trip when they pulled over to play in the snow.

The siblings are from Palm Harbor, Florida.

Logan said,"This is my first time seeing snow so I'm really, really excited."

His sister described seeing snow for the first time as a weird but beautiful experience. Libby said, "We've been mostly playing with snowballs and each other."

They also said experiencing snow for the first time was a memory they'll cherish forever.

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