Valentine's Day keeping local retailers busy

Local retailers saw many customers getting those last minute gift items Valentine's Day.

Photo: Kailey McCarthy

On Wednesday, love was most definitely in the air for one local jewelry shop right here in Albany.

Kay Jewelers at the Albany Mall says Valentine's Day is always one of their biggest selling holidays.

According to Assistant Store Manager Kayla Ford, the majority of the big ticket holidays for the store include Christmas, Valentine's Day and Mother's Day.

Ford says Kay saw the majority of their customers on Tuesday night with the exception of a few last minute stragglers on Wednesday.

In comparison to last Valentine's Day, Ford says sales have been very steady this holiday season with customers coming into the store with varying price ranges from $100 dollars to $1,000 dollars.

She says her favorite part about the job is helping couples find jewelry that is expressive of their relationship.

"Even off season from Valentine's Day, men are always confused, they don't always know what to get, will she like it? So that's the main thing that we have going on today, will she like it? And we're here to reassure them that she's going to love it because every woman loves diamonds right," said Ford.

Ford says right now, the entire store is 25% off.

Last minute shoppers also spent the day flocking to big retailers like Target.

According to target Executive Team Leader Andrew Petersen, the top two sellers this holiday season have been Dove chocolates and Hershey kisses.

Peterson says there isn't a large selection left but, there are cards, flowers and a limited number of candies.

If your looking for that sweet treat come Thursday, candy will be discounted by 30% and non-food Valentine's items will be discounted at 50%.

Peterson says Valentine's Day is always a good boost for the local retailer.

"Valentines Day and every holiday is a good boost for any retailer. You know people are coming in getting cards, getting chocolates, getting groceries. Like I said, wine, flowers. We do carry seasonal items for Valentine's Day because it is a holiday you know where candy sales are up," said Petersen.

According to Petersen, the biggest holiday sales for Target are Christmas and Black Friday.

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