Crisp County Sheriff's Office website gets a new look

According to Public Information Officer Haley Little, the updated website was designed with the public in mind.

Photo: Kailey McCarthy

The Crisp County Sheriff's Office launched an updated website earlier this week with the people of Crisp County in mind.

According to Public Information Officer Haley Little, the Sheriff's Office wanted to create a website that made information truly accessible to the public.

"We really wanted to create a website that showed a little bit of transparency for how large this agency is, what type of services we provide and kind of information to communicate with them, information they might not have to pick up the phone call now. They can research it and look at it online," said Little.

The new website showcases all of the Sheriff's Office divisions. You can now see all of the employees and meet the agency's deputies, investigators, traffic guys and detention center employees.

According to Little, there are separate tabs that feature the detention center, emergency management and the 911 center.

"When your able to be a click away from everything from our address to our phone number to meeting the sheriff, to being able to send in tips to leave feedback for us. All of those things are really available with the click of a mouse now where we didn't have that available before," said Little.

Little says the new site has a section dedicated to the detention center that walks a family member or a loved one through the process of visiting the center and the steps of booking.

Little says her goal was to make information more accessible to the public while also keeping the citizens of Crisp County informed.

Under the community tab you'll find anything from how to pay a citation or a fine to the Crisp County Sheriff's Office blog where you can find Christmas safety tips.

Little says the entire process has taken her anywhere from between 3 and 6 months.

You can see the full site here:

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