Unusual scam leaves local business bearing the burden

An example of the checks being passed around town. / Colby Gallagher

The Dougherty County Sheriff's Office is trying to get the word out on a new scam that's affecting both a local business and bank.

Captain Craig Dodd says the office received word that false checks were being cashed stating they were from Southeastern Commercial Tire and Recapping.

Officials say hundreds of letters were sent out north of Dougherty County thanking people for participating in a survey with a check for $749.63 enclosed for their time.

While the checks cashed, they were not from the company or bank listed. Dodd says both Southeastern Commercial Tire and Recapping and Flint Community Bank aren't involved and are victims of an unusual scam.

Dodd says most times a person will ask for a portion of the cashed check to be sent back but it seems whoever is behind this is doing it for personal reasons against the bank or company.

The sheriff's office believes the person responsible is a recently terminated employee and is currently interviewing a list of suspects.

Dodd says if you see this check, contact the Sheriff's office immediately.

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