Duo injured after jumping off old Carmike roof

Posey Larry.JPG

Three people have been charged after a suspected early morning burglary left two people injured while fleeing from police.

Police say that a citizen tip led them to the old Carmike Cinema building on Gillionville Road early Friday morning.

When they arrived, they found a door off the hinge and went inside. There officers found 28-year-old Christopher Williams inside.

Officers continued to hear sounds inside the building and found 40-year-old James Bridges and 55-year-old Larry Posey climbing to the roof of the building.

The duo made a nearly 40 foot jump from the roof while being pursued by officers, leading to the need for EMS for treatment of their injuries.

Police believe they were trying to strip and steal copper from the business.

All three are facing charges of burglary in the second degree and possession of tools for commission of crime.

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