"Trojans. Be Nice" campaign takes off in Coffee County

The campaign began two years ago as a nationwide effort. Last year, Coffee County localized their efforts calling it "Trojans. Be Nice." This year, they're spreading the positivity to all schools in the Coffee County school district and even out into the community.

Photo: Kailey McCarthy

This week, Coffee County high schoolers banned together to promote niceness across the school system.

Two years ago, student council members at Coffee High created the "Trojans. Be Nice" campaign as a way to put a positive spin on anti-bullying.

This year, the school expanded the effort to include all schools in the Coffee County School District and even out into the community.

Throughout the week, students were handing out stickers and 'be nice' merchandise while encouraging niceness across the school.

U.S. History teacher Shirley Quenzer says she's proud of the students and how far the effort has come.

"It's not hard to be nice to people. It takes no effort, it takes no money, it takes nothing to be nice to somebody just to give them a smile, say hello to them, whatever," said Quenzer.

Next year, student council leaders say that they will continue the "Trojans. Be Nice" campaign for years to come.

Their goal is to get elementary and middle schoolers more involved and end bullying at the school level.

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