Top five germiest places that could be in your home during the holidays

Top five germiest places that could be in your home during the holidays./ Credit: Alexandria Ikomoni

Have you ever thought about how many germs are in your home when hosting a big crowd for the holidays?

Christmas is less than one week away, and people have all of their relatives and friends coming together in one house. Sometimes people don’t think about the germs that come with it all.

Etha Brown is a senior citizen living in a nursing home, but many years ago, she would have a big crowd at her house for the holidays.

“Sometimes I would have like 12 or 14 people,” Brown said.

She did her best to keep the germs away.

“I tried to keep everything washed off pretty good.”

After hearing the top five germiest places in a home during the holidays, she couldn’t believe it.

“That’s a lot of germs,” she said. “A lot of it.”

The top five germiest places that could be in your home this holiday season are door knobs, bathroom hand towels, remote control, women’s purses, and the carpet. Other germy places can include your kitchen counter.

“Where people can prep raw meats next to ready to eat food,” Justin Smith, Department of Public Health Environmental Health Director, said.

That’s not the only germy place in your kitchen.

“It can be utensils, cutting boards, handles for sinks and faucets,” Smith said.

He urges people to do their best to keep their homes clean to avoid others from getting sick.

“The holidays are a time of year where we have many of our loved ones in our homes, and many may be very young or maybe struggling with immune diseases,” he said.

Smith says when cleaning to get rid of the germs, if you can fit it in your kitchen sink, you should wash, rinse, and sanitize with a chlorine solution. If you can’t, use an antibacterial spray

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