Tips to help keep your New Year's resolution all year long

Tips to help keep your New Year's resolution all year long. /Photo: MGN Online

Making a New Year's resolution is the easy part, but keeping that resolution all year long is where the struggle comes in.

We always start the year off strong, and by April, we’re asking ourselves ‘what happened?’. With the right tools, you can be successful and complete your New Year’s resolution.

Start by making the goal obtainable and be specific. When you have the specifics, right it down and make it visual.

Putting your goals on your bathroom mirror, refrigerator, or the wallpaper on your phone is a great idea. You can also make a vision board to look back on. Seeing a daily reminder is the key.

Have a friend to keep you accountable, or even better, you two can complete it together.

Make the goal reasonable, and take baby steps along the way.

“You always want to be working towards something,” Counselor Katie Phillips, Journey Counseling and Psychological Services, said. “Making yourself better, improving life, improving things around you, and improving things for others. Work hard, write it down and have a goal.”

If you felt like you failed, or things are going the way you want them to, don’t give up because of that setback. Life is full of setbacks. Every day is a new day, so start fresh!

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