Tips on how your home can battle extremely cold temperatures

Tips on how your home can battle extremely cold temperatures./ Photo: Alexandria Ikomoni

Meteorologists are saying the temperatures we might see next week will make it the coldest first week in January since 2010.

Albany Utilities encourage renters and owners to make sure they are ready to react when the temperature drops.

You can weatherize your home by sealing the doors and windows to make sure you keep the warm air in and cold air out.

You should try and keep your thermostat at a reasonable level. Experts recommend anywhere between 68 and 70 degrees.

You don't want pipes to freeze up, or else it'll cost you money in the long run.

"We do recommend that you don't let it run,” Carolyn Mathis, Albany Utilities, said. “Just drip. Use cold water not hot. Let every faucet in the house drip until that cold freeze has let up."

There is a Weatherization Assistance Program for seniors that are 62 years old or older.

You can get up to $6,500 worth of service including insulation, wrapping or getting a new water heater, sealing doors, windows and more for the winter.

Unfortunately, the program is complete for the year, but Albany Utilities says to check back with them next summer to apply for the assistance.

You can get a home audit for free at any time, and they will tell you what you need to fix or buy.

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