Timid burglars could still face charges

Two suspects thought about entering a store, but didn't, and could still face charges. / Matt Prichard

The Dougherty County Police Department is currently looking for two suspects who considered breaking into the "Grab-N-Go" on Newton Road.

Although the two didn't make an attempt to enter the store, they were taped peeping into the store, and also grabbing a surveillance camera and tossing it into the parking lot.

Sergeant Chad Kirkpatrick with the Dougherty County Police Department says the suspects could still face charges.

"On this type of case even though they didn't get into the store, as you can see their intent was to get something out of the store, and they could be charged with criminal intent burglary," said Sergeant Kirkpatrick.

If you have any information on the suspects you are asked to call the Dougherty County Police Department, or Crime Stoppers, at 229-436-TIPS.

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