Tifton woman raises water, Gatorade for first responders

Tifton woman raises water, Gatorade for first responders. / Photo: Danielle Ledbetter

One woman is raising Gatorade and water for Tifton firefighters.

Nicole Casey decided to raise Gatorade and water after a wildfire in Waycross eight years ago.

She says Tifton firefighters had to go help put the fire out and this inspired her to do something.

Casey says between the south Georgia heat, firefighters gear and the heat from the fires they're fighting it can get very hot.

Her hope is that these drinks will fight dehydration and heat exhaustion.

Casey says, "This is just an easy way for the community to give back to our first responders. It's just an easy way for us to say thank you to them for putting their life on the line for us every day."

You can drop off the beverages at any fire station in Tifton or you can call Casey to arrange a pick up at (229)326-0691.

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