Tifton leaders work to limit panhandling after recent complaints

Tifton leaders work to limit panhandling after recent complaints./ Photo: Alexandria Ikomoni

The Tifton City Council is looking to adopt an ordinance to help regulate some of the panhandling in town.

According to Tifton Mayor Julie Smith, the City received multiple complaints about the growing number of panhandlers.

Smith says they want to be respectful of constitutional rights and not stop the people who are in need from getting help.

They are working towards finding a way to limit access to businesses and public places where people can be easily approached.

"We just want to make sure that both our citizens are protected and safe, and those who are using our roads, streets and sidewalks are safe,” Smith said. “That nobody feels threatened, or that there's no aggressiveness from those who are asking for assistance."

This ordinance will focus on public areas. If someone was given permission to be on private property to ask for money, the City doesn't have control over that.

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