Tifton domestic violence shelter closer to getting new building

Tifton domestic violence shelter closer to getting new building. / Photo: Danielle Ledbetter

A Tifton domestic violence shelter is now a step closer to securing a new building.

Ruth's Cottage and Patticake House will get a Community Development Block Grant from the Department of Community Affairs.

The grant is for $750,000.

In order for the organization to get the grant, Tifton and Tift County had to come to a service agreement.

That's according to Nancy Brown, the executive director of Ruth's Cottage and the Patticake House.

Brown says, "Getting the grant makes a huge difference in our ability to get this project done quicker because if we didn't have the grant it would just take longer to raise such a huge amount of money."

The organization is still working to raise money to build the building. To help you can call Ruth's Cottage at (229)388-1541 or visit StopthehurtGA.org

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