Tifton creates study for blighted properties in town

Tifton creates study for blighted properties in town./ Photo: Alexandria Ikomoni

Tifton city leaders are working to fix some of the unsafe areas in town.

The Tifton City Council took the first step by creating group to do a study on some of the blighted properties.

Tifton does have potential ordinances about the unfit buildings and the cleanliness of a few areas in town.

They’re creating a committee with half elected officials and half others in the community for the study.

The goal is to talk about different ordinances, and what will work best for Tifton.

“Some of the older properties need attention,” City Manager Pete Pyrzenski said. “It’s a partnership. We need to work with owners and other type of entities to make sure we keep the integrity of the residential neighborhoods, and that’s most important.”

The City wants to have six or seven people on the committee, and it should be formed no later than the end of January.

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