Tifton community starts neighborhood watch group

Tifton community creates a neighborhood watch group./ Photo: Alexandria Ikomoni 

People from the Historic Tifton neighborhood decided to start a neighborhood watch group, and Monday was their first meeting.

The Tifton Police Department came and spoke to them about how to start the group, what the roles and responsibilities are and more.

There've been complaints about car break ins and strangers walking through the alley close by creating a problem and an unsafe feeling in the community.

Captain Steve Hyman said watch groups are beneficial since the community is the eyes and ears of the police department.

"They're seeing things and have gut feelings about things that are not right,” Hyman said. “They can report it to us, and we'll look into them. By them being proactive and we responding to them being proactive, we can drive most of this stuff out of their neighborhood."

The next step is for the community to pick a captain and co-captain, and the group will meet at least once a month.

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