Tift Regional Medical Center changes visitor policy due to the flu

Tift Regional Medical Center changed their visitor policy on Monday in hopes of bringing down flu cases.

Photo: Kailey McCarthy

Due to a rise in flu cases, Tift Regional Medical Center has restricted their current visitor policy to protect visitors, patients and staff members.

On Monday, Tift Regional made the decision to allow only two visitors per patient.

The medical staff is also asking children under the age of 18 to stay home as they are more susceptible to the flu.

Emergency Department Medical Director Eric Paulk says that the emergency room has also seen an increase in patients who are presenting flu like symptoms.

They are asking all patients who think they may have the flu to call their primary care physician before taking up space in the ER.

In order to make room for patients who have very serious life threatening injuries or conditions, we do need to try to save room for those patients. When we have such a high influx of flu and other vital illnesses, it does put a great burden on us. We don't want these cases to delay treating our really emergent patients," said Chief Nursing Executive Carol Smith.

According to the medical staff, Tift Regional has now been seeing about 30 to 40 extra patients a day.

This has increased ER wait times by 15 to 30 minutes on average.

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