Tift County High School students get Chromebooks

Tift County High School students are using technology in the classroom in new ways. / Photo: Alexandria Ikomoni

Tift County High School students are using technology in the classroom in new ways.

For the first time, every student has their own Chromebook. They checked it out at the beginning of the school year and will keep it until the school year ends.

They use the laptops every day for school work and homework, and are treated just like textbooks. Students can submit their work and get feedback from teachers right away.

Since this generation is surrounded by technology, faculty and staff felt like it was necessary to include it more in school.

“This is a way education is starting to change for the better for our students and our faculty and staff,” said Jonathan Judy, chief technology information officer. “Having the one device per students give teachers that instant chance to give feedback, and gives the kids unlimited access to resources. In a traditional classroom with books, pen and paper, you’re limited to what the book has printed with all the information in front of you.”

Teachers agree that having the Chromebooks in the classroom has been beneficial to students learning.

“They’ve been able to go on and email me all of their articles that they’ve found on their own,” said teacher Jennifer Alexander. “It’s really been great for them to use it to be able to do the classroom work, study in ways that can help them, and differentiate the way that they learn.”

The school system plans on bringing Chromebook to elementary and middle schools within the next three years.

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