Tift Co. school calling all dads for WATCH D.O.G.S program

Matt Wilson Elementary IS about to begin its 6th annual WATCH D.O.G.S program. D.O.G.S stands for Dads Of Great Students./ Tosin Fakile

One Tift County elementary school continues to work hard to get fathers involved in education.

Matt Wilson Elementary IS about to begin its 6th annual WATCH D.O.G.S program. D.O.G.S stands for Dads Of Great Students.

The purpose of the program is to get fathers to volunteer their time at the school anytime they want throughout the school year.

“And also not only our dads, we want our community dads to come out and just spend time here at Matt Wilson if they get an opportunity to throughout the school year,” said Jason Clark, Principal at Matt Wilson Elementary School.

Clark said the event is organized by the school’s academic interventionist. He said when fathers volunteer they get to do a variety of things including helping teachers out in the classroom which he said teachers love and playing with the kids during recess. He said it also gives the fathers an opportunity to talk with the children.

“Sometimes those conversations with those dads are a lot more important than we think they are. You know dads are kind of the driving point of what kids need in order to be successful in the future and also in school,” Clark said.

Clark said they get a great reaction from their community and dads.

“Last year, my first year being principal here at Matt Wilson Elementary School and we had over 100 dads that showed up and not only dads, other volunteers that showed up that particular night,” Clark said.

“Dads are kind of the driving point for kids to be successful and do the right thing because we do have a lot of single households here in Tifton and across the state. but having that dad come in and just talk to those kids and be that guiding light and listen to them and give them something to think about in the future,” Clark said. “And tell their success story. if they’re a doctor or lawyer or just doing various jobs in the community. Tell them about those experiences when they were in school and how they became successful is important for our kids here at Matt Wilson,” he added.

The WATCH D.O.G.S. program also drives parental involvement according to Clark.”

We’re constantly trying to get our parents to come out and play a part in education. So this parent involved opportunity gives them that perfect opportunity to get our dads out,” Clark said. “Because a lot of times moms are the ones that come to parent conferences, are involved in their child’s education but getting these dads to come out, it drives that parental involvement in the right direction where we want it to go,” he added.

Parents can begin to volunteer on September 27 at 6 p.m. Dads will be fed that evening and will enjoy fun activities with their kids.

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