Three businesses are coming to Downtown Albany by April

Three businesses are coming to Downtown Albany by April./ Credit: Alexandria Ikomoni

Three businesses are coming downtown in The Good Life City, and we've been getting reveals for the past two days.

Everyone does have to wait until Saturday to find out the third one. We do know that one of the businesses will be moving in this month.

People in the community are eager about the new businesses, and the City believes this will be a good move for Albany.

"I'm super excited about every business that's coming here,” Jessica Livingston, Albany resident, said. “I think it'll bring more people to our city."

Livingston believes this will be a great way to help take Albany to the next level.

"It allows us to meet new people and have different things that we can do together,” she said.

On Thursday, the first business was announced on the Downtown Albany Facebook page. KAYAK Attack Adventures is a kayak and canoe rental shop with a smoothie and juice bar.

"They'll actually be located on Front Street, and we are super excited about them coming,” Jacquelyn Teemer, interim downtown manager, said.

On Friday, the community was told that the Flint Riverkeeper will move right next to the river.

Many people spend time at Riverfront Park, and now people have more reasons to come by.

"They'll actually have a business that's in walking distance that they can actually go in and spend their time there,” Teemer said.

We were able to get a hint about the third business coming.

"This particular business that would be announced on [Saturday], is really going to give visitors downtown, something wonderful to look at,” Teemer said.

All businesses are expected to move in and be operating by April.

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