The key to comfort when waters rise

Flashlights and other items that could be useful when waters rise. / Jessica Fairley

The American Red Cross is helping several families in Tift County who've been displaced by flood waters.

If water levels continue to rise, even more people could be negatively affected.

Officials say when waters rise the first step is having a plan in place.

"Explain to your kids what's going to happen. You don't want them to panic if you hear that a flood is coming or you have to evacuate," says Flo Renau, Representative for Home Depot.

For those who choose to ride out the storm at home, the American Red Cross has some recommendations of items to have on hand.

"If you know that you have water standing in your yard and you know there's three or five inches or more of rain coming, we want you to go ahead and have a three day supply of water for each person in your family," says Lara Gill, Director for the Flint River Chapter of the American Red Cross.

This is in case storm water contaminates drinking water. Other items to have on hand include batteries, flashlights, a battery powered radio and a first aid kit. Canned foods and a manual can opener are also useful items.

"Have all of your important paperwork. Have copies of your insurance policies, any of your documents, all of your account numbers for your credit cards, put those in a safe spot," says Flo Renau.

For those forced out of their home because of high water, officials say forward thinking is the key to comfort.

"A sheltering situation might not be the best thing for your family. If you have relatives, go ahead and contact those people and try to find out where you can go in a situation like that," says Lara Gill.

She says when leaving the home people shouldn't forget to grab things like medicines, toiletries, and important documents.

Representatives with the American Red Cross says they aim to aid flood victims by providing shelter and other necessities but one can never be too prepared in case of disaster.

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