Testicular cancer awareness discussed first week of April

According to medical professionals, testicular cancer can be treated through chemotherapy and radiation.

Photo: kailey McCarthy

The month of April is nationally known as testicular cancer awareness month with this week marking the start of testicular cancer awareness week.

Local doctors say it's a good idea to see your primary care physician regularly to stay on top of your health.

According to Dr. Charles Kemp with Albany Internal Medicine, testicular cancer is a common form of cancer that is caused by uncontrolled and unregulated cell growth.

Kemp says the aggressive form of cancer is typically found in males ages eighteen to thirty and can sometimes be seen in older patients as well.

Symptoms include testicle growth and pain while running or riding a bicycle.

Kemp says it's important to go to your primary care physician to get checked out before conditions worsen.

"This cancer is one that there's good treatments out there but the treatment options get a little more limited and a little less effective the longer you wait to be diagnosed and to start treatments. Certainly, this is not the kind of thing you should wait weeks and months to see if it goes away before you let anyone know what's going on," said Kemp.

According to Kemp, testicular cancer is one of the more common diagnosed cancers and is treatable through chemotherapy and radiation.

He recommends seeing your primary care physician once a year.

Along with seeing your doctor regularly, Kemp also says it's a good idea to do self checks in the shower.

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