Teen Maze teaches students to make better choices

Teen Maze helps students learn the impact of their decisions. / Photo: Danielle Ledbetter

Several ninth graders at C. A. Gray Junior High School learned the impact their decisions could have on their lives.

In a game called Teen Maze, students went through a 'maze of life' and had to make certain decisions.

Sometimes those choices had major consequences.

There were various stations that demonstrated how a choice could change their life.

For example students saw how the decision to be in a gang could potentially leave them in jail or dead.

Or on the other hand how the choice to stay focused in school could lead to better job opportunites.

Frederick Smith said,“It’s a great thing here or our school because we get an opportunity to teach kids about how to make better choices in their life.”

This is the fifth year the teen maze has taken place at the Moultrie middle school.

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