Sylvester police chief reassigned

Sylvester police chief reassigned. / Photo: Danielle Ledbetter

The city of Sylvester is making some changes to the police department.

After nearly seven months as police chief, Chief Kenneth Washington is being reassigned.

The Sylvester city manager, Autron Hayes, says the change is in effort to re-align the department to better fit the community.

The city will update policies and procedures, according to Hayes.

Currently, Chief Washington's last day is August 20.

The interim police chief will be former assistant Tifton police chief, Raymond Drennan.

Hayes says, "We want to be able to deliver effective police services so if it's not working we've got to change and go in a different direction."

Hayes didn't specify what exactly is not working right now. At the moment, they're looking for a new police chief and are accepting applications.

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