Sylvester Code Enforcement makes progress with blighted properties

Sylvester Code Enforcement makes progress with blighted property./ Photo: Alexandria Ikomoni

Sylvester Code Enforcement is working to fight blight in town, and they are making progress.

Director Issac Adams says they've demolished four buldings so far, and they plan on tearing down four more properties next month.

According to Adams, they plan on turning some of the properties into a green space, and the others will be given back to the owners if they pay for it.

The goal is for code enforcement to clean up the community.

"Blight lowers the moral in our community,” Adams said. β€œIt also invites criminal activity, drugs, roaches and infestation."

The process doesn't happen overnight.

Code enforcement goes to court for the blighted property. They give the owner 30 days to act.

If they don't, they'll demolish the building. If the owner wants it back, they would have to pay the City for the fee that comes with tearing it down.

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