SWGA Regional Airport brings airport improvement updates

Southwest Georgia Regional Airport board members met to discuss airport improvements. / Photo: Alexandria Ikomoni 

Southwest Georgia Regional Airport board members met Monday evening to discuss the airport’s improvements.

The biggest update was about the boarding bridge coming to make an easy transition for passengers from the airport to the plane.

The boarding bridge will keep passengers from walking in and out of the rain, or any other inclement weather, when going to and from the plane.

The Federal Aviation Administration, FAA, will be funding 90 percent of the project, and the other 10 percent will come from passenger facility charges.

Bringing upgrades to the airport is a portion of the overall plan to make Albany a destination city.

“When the passenger boarding bridge was installed, people don’t have to say ‘Oh, I had to walk 100 feet in the rain’," Hunter Hines, airport superintendent of operations, said. “It’s just adding that extra comfort to passengers to make them want to come back.”

They are 90 percent done with the design phase. After that phase is completed, the airport will pick a company to start the project.

The runway safety area project is also focusing on new equipment that pilots use when lading a plane. With the new FAA safety regulations, the Precision Approach Path Indicator, PAPI, and the localizers will be upgraded.

The FAA will run a flight check test before it can be used by the end of October.

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