Suspended Worth County sheriff pleads not guilty in third case

Suspended Worth County sheriff pleads not guilty in third case./ Photo: WFXL File

Suspended Worth County sheriff made another court appearance Friday morning.

Jeff Hobby’s appearance was for the arraignment on his third case. This case is about the illegal recording device found in the attorney-client room in the Worth County Jail.

According to the Worth County District Attorney's Office, Hobby pleaded not guilty for the 89 counts of eavesdropping and surveillance that invades the privacy of another and the one count of violation of oath of office.

Hobby getting out on bond wasn't a topic of conversation during court. The DA's office said Hobby's lawyer filed a formal motion to reconsider bond afterwards. That will be set for a later date.

The next step for this case will be to go to trial. The attorney's office anticipates that being at the end of this year.

The next scheduled court appearance for Hobby is August 6 when he goes to trial for the improper high school search that happened in April of 2017.

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