Sunbelt Ag Expo host annual Field Day

Sunbelt Agricultural Expo host their 2017 Field Day./ Photo: Sunbelt Ag Expo social media intern

Farmers in the Southeastern Region feel more educated on the latest farming technology.

The Sunbelt Agricultural Expo hosted their 2017 Field Day, and hundreds of farmers came together to learn about seed, chemical and irrigation technology.

“When you’re going to the farm, you definitely want to have an understanding of what you’re doing,” Cody Mitchell, Sunbelt Ag Expo farm manager, said. “You don’t want to throw money away, so you come out here, and you learn the different genes of the plants and break it down.”

Kelley Manufacturing Company also introduced their new cotton stalk puller to avoid one of the biggest plagues in Southwest Georgia.

“By doing that, you will have less nematodes in the spring when you go to plant or come back into that field, so it helps control the population,” KMC Vice President of Sales and Marketing Jimmy Laska said. "This particular machine also handles crop residue, so it’s spreading your dirt out, burying a little bit of that residue, and it really works good in a two fold manner for the farmer."

The trade show will be October 17-19 in Moultrie.

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