Strong turnout for early voting

Man votes early at the Welcome Center in Downtown Albany. / Jessica Fairley

Early voting began on Monday and election officials say the turnout is better than average.

108 voters turned out on Monday and since then close to 600 people in Albany have participated in early voting.

Of that amount, 50 voters were registered Republicans and the rest were Democrats.

For those who want to vote early but can't make it out during the week, On July 21st, there will be one day of Saturday voting.

"The 23rd through the 27th that will be the last week of early voting. The Candy Room location will be open as well as the location in our office. That week we'll have two locations open from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.," said Ginger Nickerson, Elections Supervisor.

There will be no voting on the Monday July 30th, however anyone planning to vote Tuesday July 31st is asked to bring proper identification.

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