Still no decision on split of LOST funds

Lee County Board of Commissioners debate over LOST funds. / Jessica Fairley

Negotiations continued Monday evening on how Local Option Sales Tax funds will be split in Lee County.

Lee County is now offering the city of Leesburg 12% of lost funds and offering Smithville 6%.

Both Leesburg and Smithville officials believe the offered amount should increase by one point respectively, making Leesburg's share 13% and Smithville's share 7% of LOST funds.

After Monday's meeting, the group still didn't come to an agreement about how the money should be split.

"We're closer than we were a week ago. Now we didn't make an agreement today but there's a 60 day negotiation period and we're not even 30 days into that negotiation period and we're closer than we were a week ago," said Rick Muggridge, Lee County Commissioner.

The Lee County Board of Commissioners hasn't set a date for when they'll meet again for negotiations.

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