Sticking to your physical fitness resolution

Personal Trainer Chris Gavelek says being healthy is more than what you do inside the gym.

Photo: Kailey McCarthy

With the new year comes new goals and personal fitness is at the top of most lists.

Tony's Fitness Group in Albany says they have increased their staffing to accommodate the influx of fitness resolutioners.

Team Lund Personal Trainer Chris Gavelek says being healthy is much more than a resolution.

According to Gavelek, it is a lifestyle change that takes time and preparation.

Gavelek says the trainers at Team Lund provide their clients with tools that help them succeed well past the gym doors.

"There are certain things that can prevent somebody from completing their resolutions and we try to give our clients the tools that are going to be able to help them combat any issues that are going to arise moving forward," said Gavelek.

Those tools include dieting plans, cardio schedules, program outlines and meal planning just to name a few.

Gavelek says around January to March is usually the busiest time for the gym.

He says over the three month period, there's typically a 20 to 30% increase in clients.

If interested in getting involved with Team Lund, you can call Gavelek at 229-462-1512.

Team Lund provides clients with both a personal trainer and a nutritionist.

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