Staycation camp opens for additional week

Staycation camp opens for additional week. / Photo: Danielle Ledbetter

Brantley Burdette is a first grader that loves art.

She says, "I've been drawing for a very long time so I'm a very good artist."

Burdette was out of school for spring break this week and attended the Staycation Spring Break Camp at the Albany Museum of Art.

The camp inspired her to want to become an illustrator for books when she grows up.

With many southwest Georgia schools being out for spring break next week, Chloe Hinton, the director of education and public programming of the museum says,""We noticed a need for constructive childcare during spring break week. So we still have another week planned."

Hinton is also the camp's instructor and loves to students dreams, like Brantley's, come to life through art.

Hinton says, "I love getting to spend time with the kids.I learn a ton from them and they all have such amazing personalities."

She also loves dispelling the children's ideas of what a museum is,"So they don't think a museum is always a place where you have to be quiet and serious and there's pictures of old people on the walls. We want them to know this is a place where they can learn and have fun."

To register for the camp you can visit the Albany Museum of Art's website.

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