State Superintendent visits Dougherty County school

State Superintendent visits Dougherty County school. / Photo: Danielle Ledbetter

State School Superintendent Richard Woods stopped at Morningside Elementary on Tuesday morning to congratulate the Dougherty County School System on winning the Literacy for Learning, Living and Leading in Georgia (L4GA) Grant.

The grant was given by the Georgia Department of Education.

DCSS, along with 37 other school districts in the state, were selected to receive this grant.

Dougherty County received $1.9 million, according to Woods.

Other school districts in southwest Georgia that have received the grant include Atkinson, Ben Hill, Colquitt, Crisp and Pelham City school districts.

Woods says, "Well, I think it opens opportunities for our children, that's first and foremost. What we know about reading, I don't care what class you take, where you go in life to be successful you have to be able to read."

The state was awarded over $61 million through the Federal striving readers grant competition for these literacy grants.

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