Southwest Georgia sees increase in counterfeit money crimes

Southwest Georgia sees increase in counterfeit money crimes./ Photo: Alexandria Ikomoni

Albany police are investigating a number of cases regarding counterfeit money.

APD says they typically see an increase use of fake bills during the holidays. They've handled more than 20 cases so far this season. There have been cases in Lee County, Tifton and Adel.

These incidents have been in restaurants, stores, gas stations and more.

There are ways to check and see of the bill is real or not. You should look at the serial number on the bills.

Each bill should have a different serial number. If they're the same, the bills are fake.

"In addition there are water marks, as well as, security ink strips and things of that nature that can indicate it,” Angela Sherman, APD Investigator, said. “However, most people can feel it and tell that it's not real.”

If you believe someone is trying to give you a fake bill, call 911 immediately and hold on to the fake bill.

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