Southwest Georgia crops could be seriously affected by Alberto

Southwest Georgia crops could be seriously affected by Alberto./ Photo: Alexandria Ikomoni

People aren't the only ones feeling the effects from Alberto.

Crops here in Southwest Georgia can't take much more rain.

The at-risk crops include berries, corn and tomatoes.

Mark’s Melon Patch Owner Mark Daniel says he’s worried about the rain because wind blowing on wet soil can knock the crops out of the ground.

With all the water, crops can potentially carry diseases, but farmers wouldn't know for another few weeks if their crops get a disease.

“I’m saying my prayers that it won’t get too bad, and we get the rain out of here,” Daniel said. “Maybe the wind won’t get as bad as what it could possibly get, and we get some sunny days. That’s what we need.”

Daniel says even the cloudy weather is a problem. With no sun, crops don’t go through the full photosynthesis process that it needs to grow.

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