Solar panel ordinance recommended changes presented to commission

The recommended changes to the solar panel ordinance have been tabled for the next two weeks.

Photo: Kailey McCarthy

Solar panels could be coming to Dougherty County in the near future.

At Monday's county commission meeting, the Director of Planning and Development Services discussed changes to the current ordinance in place.

Currently, the ordinance allows a solar farm to use only 50 percent of the purchased land for solar equipment.

On Monday, Planning and Development Director Paul Forgey made recommendations to allow a solar farm to use the entire lot purchased rather than just one half.

He says although solar panels seem foreign now, they should be as common as cell phone towers in the near future.

"Twenty years ago, fifteen years ago, everybody hated cell towers. They were ugly, nobody wanted them in their neighborhood. Now, you either don't notice them or you notice because they're not there because your cell phone is not working and you want another tower regardless of what it looks like," said Forgey.

Forgey adds, there is a requirement in the ordinance that buffers solar equipment from the view of residential areas.

Right now, he is looking for community input and would like to hear from residents if they have any concerns.

The motion was tabled at Monday's commission meeting and will be brought up again in two weeks.

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